Sample Goal List

Sample Goal List: 103 Things I Want To Do In My Life

  1. Enhance my relationship with my significant other.
  2. Help my children find out what makes them happy and prosper.
  3. Learn to play tennis.
  4. Live on the water.
  5. Purchase acreage.
  6. Develop real estate.
  7. Help those in need.
  8. Start a business.
  9. Sell a business and become financial independent.
  10. Buy a mountain cabin.
  11. Travel to each continent.
  12. Earn $X dollars per year.
  13. Assist family members financially.
  14. Develop a closer relationship with my extended family.
  15. Rent a Motor Coach and drive across the country.
  16. Become a top producer at my company.
  17. Fly first class.
  18. Have $x in savings generating $x per year – Out of the Rat Race!
  19. Enhance my relationships with friends.
  20. Learn to sail.
  21. Learn to play X instrument.
  22. Go to the Superbowl.
  23. Learn to speak X language.
  24. Go to the Masters.
  25. Go to an NBA Finals Game.
  26. Go to Hawaii.
  27. Travel through the islands in a private charter boat.
  28. Send my children to college.
  29. Improve my public speaking skills.
  30. Write a book.
  31. Spend Friday afternoons with my family regularly.
  32. Organize a family reunion.
  33. Thank my parents by doing X.
  34. Meet the perfect person for me.
  35. Develop a closer relationship with my spiritual higher power.
  36. Stay within my perfect weight range of X-X pounds.
  37. Go on more dates with X.
  38. Stay in a Five Star Hotel.
  39. Instill morals and values in my children.
  40. Have a loving X as my pet.
  41. Go to restaurants and order without having to consider price.
  42. Donate time to X charity.
  43. Donate money to X charity.
  44. Meet X famous person.
  45. Become my own boss.
  46. Work out regularly; minimum of three times per week.
  47. Have a healthy lifestyle.
  48. Live a smoke free lifestyle.
  49. Repair my relationship with X.
  50. Live in my dream home.
  51. Give back to X for all that they have given.
  52. Obtain X degree.
  53. Spend more time with X elder, so I can learn about my heritage.
  54. Get a relaxation massage every X weeks.
  55. Successfully close X deal.
  56. Help X with their finances.
  57. Create opportunities to spend as much time with our cousins as possible.
  58. Go on a cruise to X.
  59. Drive up coast of California in a convertible.
  60. Go to Alaska.
  61. Learn to meditate.
  62. Live a stress free life.
  63. Get 8 hours of peaceful sleep nightly.
  64. Figure out my purpose in life.
  65. Create a circle of friends and family that inspire me.
  66. Buy a vacation home.
  67. Have a master mind group of friends that we do business deals with.
  68. Create a close knit group of friends that succeed financially and vacation together.
  69. Complete a triathlon.
  70. Help X by doing X.
  71. Thank X for being there for me when things were tough.
  72. Organize my closet.
  73. Take X to their dream event of X.
  74. Do more enjoyable outdoor activities which are physical exercises as well.
  75. Take walks daily as often as possible.
  76. Teach X with patience.
  77. Do everything to be healthy through preventative treatments and a healthy lifestyle.
  78. Pass down my wisdom to my children.
  79. Learn to be comfortable saying no.
  80. Teach morals and values through my actions and leadership.
  81. Be the Person I can be.
  82. Learn my strengths and make money utilizing them.
  83. Take annual vacations with luxury.
  84. Fly on a private jet.
  85. Own a boat.
  86. Have quarterly family meetings where we discuss our goals.
  87. Read books or listen to audio programs 20 minutes each day.
  88. Go to X concert, front row.
  89. Meet the President.
  90. Find a mentor who inspires me.
  91. Take X on a retreat.
  92. Help children do X.
  93. Mentor those who are looking for help.
  94. Give scholarships.
  95. Develop a close relationship with X.
  96. Overcome X illness.
  97. Try windsailing.
  98. Spend Sundays doing X.
  99. Help X achieve their goal of X.
  100. Every year see the sunset from a new horizon.
  101. Give back to X by doing X.
  102. Find inner peace and happiness.
  103. Leave a legacy by doing X.
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